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Jul 8, 2024

Beyond Borders: Applying Modern Conflict Laws as Framework for Outer Space Governance

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Moreover, the concept of limitation, which dictates that the means and methods of warfare are not unlimited, can help prevent the escalation of conflicts in space by imposing restrictions on the use of certain weapons or tactics that could cause indiscriminate harm or result in long-term consequences for space exploration and utilization. Given a growing number of distinct weapons systems in orbit – from missile defense systems with kinetic anti-satellite capabilities, electronic warfare counter-space capabilities, and directed energy weapons to GPS jammers, space situational awareness, surveillance, and intelligence gathering capabilities – legal clarity rather than strategic ambiguity are crucial for ensuring the responsible and peaceful use of outer space.

Additionally, the principle of humanity underscores the importance of treating all individuals with dignity and respect, including astronauts, cosmonauts, and civilians who may be affected by conflicts in space. By upholding this principle, outer space law can ensure that human rights are protected and preserved, particularly in the profoundly challenging environment of outer space. Moreover, with civilians on the ground increasingly tethered to space technologies for communication, navigation, banking, leisure, and other essential services, the protection of their rights becomes a fundamental imperative.

The modern laws of armed conflict (LOAC) offer a valuable blueprint for developing a robust legal framework for governing activities in outer space. By integrating complementary principles of LOAC or international humanitarian law with the UN Charter into outer space law, policymakers can promote the peaceful and responsible use of outer space while mitigating the risks associated with potential conflicts in this increasingly contested domain.

Jul 8, 2024

Scout Space selected for DARPA’s commercial tech initiative

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WASHINGTON — The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected the startup Scout Space to participate in the BRIDGES (Bringing Classified Innovation to Defense and Government Systems) consortium.

BRIDGES, launched by DARPA in 2023, aims to connect innovative small companies and nontraditional defense contractors with classified Department of Defense research and development efforts. The initiative seeks to bridge the gap between cutting-edge commercial technologies and classified defense needs, particularly in areas considered critical to maintaining U.S. military superiority.

Scout Space, based in Reston, Virginia, develops satellite flight software and space domain awareness sensors. The company announced July 8 it was selected by DARPA for its proposal outlining an approach to “advancing autonomous in-space threat response.”

Jul 6, 2024

The Pentagon Is Trying to Build a Laser That Never Fails

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DARPA’s quantum innovations might bring unprecedented precision and reliability.

Jul 5, 2024

Army asks industry for navigation warfare waveforms in counter-PNT technology to disrupt enemy operations

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ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. – U.S. Army electronic warfare (EW) experts are reaching out to industry for new ways to design electronic payloads that counter enemy positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT).

Officials of the Army Contracting Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., issued a request for information (W56KGURTI-24-R-1001) on Friday for the Counter-PNT Navigation Warfare Defeat project.

Counter-PNT seeks to defeat enemy satellite navigation and timing systems, such as the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS), which are essential for navigation, communications, weapons guidance, surveillance, transportation, and financial transactions.

Jul 5, 2024

Honeywell acquires CAES to boost expertise in radiation-hardened microelectronics, military technologies

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Honeywell Inc. in Charlotte, N.C., will acquire CAES Systems Holdings LLC in Arlington, Va., to boost Honeywell’s electromagnetic military technologies for RF signals management under terms of a $1.9 billion cash deal.

This acquisition, announced last Thursday, will enhance Honeywell’s defense technologies in critical military systems like the F-35 and EA-18G military aircraft, the AMRAAM and GMLRS military weapons, radar, and uncrewed systems.

Combining the two companies also can boost capabilities in radiation-hardened integrated circuits for applications ranging from military nuclear forces to so-called rad-tolerant electronic components for commercial new space uses.

Jul 5, 2024

Rapidly spinning ‘extreme’ neutron star discovered by US Navy research intern

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It was exciting so early in my career to see a speculative project work out so successfully.

Jul 5, 2024

Kratos’ Erinyes hypersonic test vehicle reaches Mach 5 in 1st flight

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Kratos Defense & Security Solutions (Kratos) has announced the successful test flight of its Erinyes hypersonic test vehicle.

Developed by the company’s Space & Missile Defense Systems Business Unit, the test was completed on June 12, 2024, according to the announcement.

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Jun 29, 2024

Next-gen helo engines delivered to Sikorsky for Black Hawk integration

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Sikorsky has received two Improved Turbine Engine Program engines and will begin integrating them into UH-60 Black Hawks in the coming months.

Jun 28, 2024

Video Shows China’s Rifle-Equipped Robot Dog Opening Fire on Targets

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China has released video footage of its rifle-toting robot dogs, and it’s about as scary as you were probably imagining.

Last week, Agence France-Presse reported that China had flaunted the gun-carrying robodogs in a 15-day joint military exercise with Cambodia dubbed the “Golden Dragon.”

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Jun 27, 2024

Boeing unveils ‘Revolver’ hypersonic missile launcher

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Who says you need a bomber or stealth fighter to air-launch a hypersonic missile? Boeing just unveiled a new concept that it’s developing called the Revolver launch system. Straight Arrow News on social media:
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