Membership Benefits

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the applicants’ scholastic achievements, and the relevance of their study to Lifeboat Foundation’s mission.
Scholarship applications must be received at Lifeboat Foundation by April 30. Late applications will be considered for the following year. Winners will be notified in June.
Submit the following information to Lifeboat Foundation Scholarships, 1468 James Rd, Gardnerville, NV 89460. Illegible applications will not be read.
Personal Information
Send us your full name, snail mail address, phone number, and birthdate.
School Information
Send us the name, snail mail address, and phone number of your high school or college/university.
Membership Info
Tell us your Lifeboat membership number.
Letters of Recommendation
Submit two letters of recommendation: one from a school counselor, teacher or principal (high school) or one from a college counselor, professor, or dean (college/university); one from another adult not related to the student. The letters must be sent directly by the persons making the recommendation and must reach Lifeboat Foundation by the application deadline. Letters of Recommendation should be sent to: Lifeboat Foundation Scholarships, 1468 James Rd, Gardnerville, NV 89460.
Application Order
Stack and staple together your scholarship application package in the following order:
  • A letter including the above requested personal information, school information, and membership info.
  • An up to 500-word essay on how you plan to use the scholarship, and how this is related to Lifeboat Foundation’s mission.
  • Your high school or college/university transcripts.
Make sure your name appears on each page of your application, in case the pages get separated.