Existential Risk Programs

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The Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board is working on many programs to reduce existential risks. They are:

Current Programs


To protect against unfriendly AI (Artificial Intelligence).


To protect against devastating asteroid strikes.


To protect against bioweapons and pandemics.


To preserve the information created by our civilization, including technology, art, and culture.


As the Internet grows in importance, an attack on it could cause physical as well as informational damage. An attack today on hospital systems or electric utilities could lead to deaths. In the future an attack could be used to alter the output that is produced by nanofactories worldwide leading to massive deaths.


The LifePreserver program is designed to bring you the latest information about aging research and the progress towards treating age-related diseases. The program also aims to bring you practical information about the steps you can take now to slow the aging process and delay the onset of age-related disease.

LifeShield Bunkers

Developing fallback positions on Earth in case programs such as our BioShield and NanoShield fail globally or locally.


To protect against ecophages and nonreplicating nanoweapons.


This shield strives to protect scientists from obstacles that would prevent latter day Max Plancks from completing their research.


To prevent nuclear, biological, and nanotechnological attacks from occurring by using surveillance and sousveillance to identify terrorists before they are able to launch their attacks.

Space Habitats

To build fail-safes against global existential risks by encouraging the spread of sustainable human civilization beyond Earth.

Future Programs


To preserve animal life and diversity on the planet.


To protect against unwanted climate changes.


Explores new communication technology for surviving existential events.


If our civilization ran out of energy, it would grind to a halt, so Lifeboat Foundation is looking for solutions.


To prevent abuse in the areas of neuropharmaceuticals, neurodevices, and neurodiagnostics. Worst cases include enslaving the world’s population or causing everyone to commit suicide.


To prevent nuclear holocausts including destruction of entire cities.


To prevent, and also make plans on surviving when possible, particle accelerator mishaps including quantum vacuum collapse, mining the quantum vacuum, formation of a stable strangelet, and the creation of artificial mini-black holes.


Methods of preserving persons — or just their personalities — include cryopreservation and uploading.


To preserve plant life and diversity on the planet by storing seeds in safe locations and other methods.

Long Range Programs


To prevent annihilation by an alien race (biological or otherwise).


To prevent antimatter-based annihilation.


To protect against black holes that are not manmade. This would include an “eye to the sky” program that would scan for signs of them.


To protect against gamma ray bursts.


To protect against and/or cope with our sun becoming a red giant and other harmful fluctuations in its output.