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Dec 7, 2019

Edward Snowden on the Dangers of Mass Surveillance and Artificial General Intelligence

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AI is Pandora’s box, s’ true…

On the one hand we can’t close it and on the other hand our current direction is not good. And this is gonna get worse as AI starts taking its own ‘creative’ decisions… the human overlords will claim it has nothing to do with them if and when things go wrong.

The solution for commercialization is actually quite simple.

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Dec 7, 2019

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business | Full Documentary | CANCER CURE

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About the director:
A 2016 updated version of this story:

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Dec 5, 2019

Singapore’s human-centric artificial intelligence strategy | The Straits Times

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The national artificial intelligence strategy, which was unveiled in November, will focus on five key sectors — transport and logistics, smart cities and estates, safety and security, healthcare, and education.

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Nov 30, 2019

The Posthuman Child: Educational Transformation through Philosophy with Picture books

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This is one of the most challenging book reviews I have ever written, not because I did not enjoy ‘The Posthuman Child’, quite the contrary: this is one of the most interesting and stimulating books I have read in a long time, thus I am in the position of trying to ensure that I do this book the justice it deserves in this review. For me, Murris is utterly captivating in her writing as she guides the reader through a ‘labyrinth’ (p.23) of challenging philosophical ideas stemming from posthumanism. Ideas which encourage deep and existential questions, particularly in relation to dominant Western figurations of ‘children’ and ‘childhood’. Despite the deep intensity of the philosophical and theoretical content, Murris manages to take the reader through this process of questioning, unpicking and ‘diffracting’ (p.14) in a highly supportive manner.

As I became increasingly engrossed in reading, I found myself trying to fathom how Murris managed to achieve this level of challenge and stimulation in such a supportive way, when it suddenly became clear to me: Murris achieved this seemingly impossible balancing act by remaining entirely committed to the very philosophical ideas she has written about. From a Posthuman perspective, traditional binaries and dualisms do not exist: binaries, such as those that have been constructed to separate: ontology and epistemology; body and mind; theory and practice. It is her embodiment of this completely entangled and relational ‘ontoepitemological’ (p.51) view of the world that provides the level of support I experienced while reading: challenging philosophical ideas and practical examples and insights from her own lived experiences as a teacher, teacher educator and mother are seamlessly woven together.

Nov 23, 2019

AI and the Future of Work: The Economic Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

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This week at MIT, academics and industry officials compared notes, studies, and predictions about AI and the future of work. During the discussions, an insurance company executive shared details about one AI program that rolled out at his firm earlier this year. A chatbot the company introduced, the executive said, now handles 150,000 calls per month.

Later in the day, a panelist—David Fanning, founder of PBS’s Frontline—remarked that this statistic is emblematic of broader fears he saw when reporting a new Frontline documentary about AI. “People are scared,” Fanning said of the public’s AI anxiety.

Fanning was part of a daylong symposium about AI’s economic consequences—good, bad, and otherwise— convened by MIT’s Task Force on the Work of the Future.

Nov 22, 2019

Cancer the Forbidden Cures Full Documentary

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Cancer is a growing worldwide epidemic, with staggering statistics: 20,000 people dying of cancer every day; 1 person out of 3 will be faced with cancer at one point in their life; and 1 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Nov 21, 2019

Dr. Duncan Ross presentation on Exosomes and Bill Faloon Age Reversal Update

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We will have a fresh new presentation on Exosomes “The End of Aging” by Harvard Genetics Genius Dr. Duncan Ross, the Founder of Kimera Labs. And Bill Faloon will present the latest in Age Reversal research.

Visit The Church of Perpetual Life this Thursday, November 21st at 7:00 PM.
Our Doors open at 6:00 PM
Before the service: Enjoy tasty snacks, networking and conversations on Age Reversal, Cryonics, The Singularity and other topics of interest to all for the quest of an Unlimited Life. Stay afterwards as we have a delicious 5 star dinner reception with speakers.

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Nov 19, 2019

Longevity And Health

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Education and bravery are the key to our survival. In this article we dig into the correlation between health and longevity.

With so many supplement salesman and scientists talking about longevity it can get confusing as to exactly what that might mean. Of course we all want to live as long as we can but most would agree to it only if they were able to be healthy and active. After all how would life be worth it if you were confined to a bed or wheelchair in constant pain?

As we improve health we also extend life. One drawback to extending life is that we face health problems we might have avoided by simply not being alive. However as we extend life we will also extend health and find ways to cure all diseases. For most of humanity throughout the ages Cancer or Alzheimer’s was rarely a cause for concern. Cancer and Alzheimer’s was not as prevalent because most people did not live long enough to be stricken with them. Many humans died from infections, starvation, and injury and thus the expected life span was much lower than today. Every time a new advancement is made in healthcare we improve the odds of living longer. Hospitals, handwashing, and vaccines all improved a human beings chance of survival and also their chance of contracting a new or otherwise unusual disease.

Nov 19, 2019

Here Comes the Autonomous School Bus

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Imagine seeing a school bus on the road filled with kids, but no driver. 🚌 Fully #autonomous electric school buses are on the horizon, and Cache Valley Utah is ready for this new era of transportation. IEEE Continuing Education

New in Cache Valley, Utah, is an autonomous school bus equipped with additional safety features, including a camera system with a 360° view outside the bus.

Nov 17, 2019

I Lived To Tell About It | War & Pierce | Playing For Change | Live Outside

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We are proud to share with you a new video featuring our friends War & Pierce performing their original song, “I Lived To Tell About It,” live outside in Los Angeles. Turn it up and remember we are stronger than any obstacle or challenge we may face. Together, we will persevere in love and peace.

Hear more and connect with War & Pierce:

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