Lifeboat Foundation AntimatterShield

By the Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board. This is an ongoing program so you may submit suggestions to


Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 shows that mass is a concentrated form of energy. Fission and fusion reactions convert just a fraction of 1 percent of their mass into energy. But there is a way to convert matter into energy at nearly 100 percent efficiency: Combine matter with antimatter, its mirror twin. Physicists have already created tiny quantities of antimatter by smashing subatomic particles together at near-light speeds. Scientists at CERN, the European physics facility in Switzerland, have recently managed to create millions of antihydrogen atoms.
A world with antimatter bombs could easily be a world that becomes a new asteroid belt orbiting the sun. This program would be designed to prevent such uses of antimatter.

Antimatter collisions make nuclear fusion bombs look tame.