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Press Releases

February 10, 2024    Geoffrey Hinton and Ilya Sutskever, teacher and student, named Joint 2023 Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award Winners.
January 24, 2023    World Futures Day will take place on March 1st for the 10th year.
January 1, 2023    Jerome C. Glenn and Volodymyr Zelenskyy named Joint 2022 Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award Winners.
November 30, 2022    Greg Bear passes away.
February 26, 2022    Lifeboat Foundation reacts to NATO And Russian Conflict.
December 23, 2021    Martine Rothblatt named Lifeboat Foundation 2021 Guardian Award winner.
July 19, 2021    Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Winner Jeff Bezos Donates One Million to Lifeboat Foundation Dream Project Winner Teachers in Space.
January 22, 2021    David Brin named Lifeboat Foundation 2020 Guardian Award winner.
December 9, 2020    Lifeboat Foundation congratulates SpaceX on its successful SN8 Launch!
February 22, 2020    The Human Brain/Cloud Interface Research Paper has been Published!
December 31, 2019    Jill Tarter named Lifeboat Foundation 2019 Guardian Award winner.
July 16, 2019    Apollo 11 50th Anniversary.
January 10, 2019    Jeff Bezos named Lifeboat Foundation 2018 Guardian Award winner.
January 1, 2019    Lifeboat Foundation Celebrates Farthest Flyby Ever.
April 16, 2018    Lifeboat Foundation Funds Flying 3D-printed Classroom Cubesats on Perlan II.
March 16, 2018    The Lifeboat Foundation mourns Stephen Hawking's death.
January 31, 2018    Joseph N. Pelton named Lifeboat Foundation 2017 Guardian Award winner.
January 9, 2018    Teachers in Space, Inc. wins Dream Project contest.
December 24, 2016    Julian Assange named Lifeboat Foundation 2016 Guardian Award winner.
January 3, 2016    Bill Gates named Lifeboat Foundation 2015 Guardian Award winner.
December 16, 2015    Lifeboat Foundation launches 3 books.
April 6, 2015    Lifeboat Foundation launches Interactive Friendly AI.
February 28, 2015    Lifeboat Foundation helps launch the Alliance for Space Development (ASD).
December 16, 2014    Elon Musk named Lifeboat Foundation 2014 Guardian Award winner.
October 1, 2014    Lifeboat Foundation responds to largest Ebola outbreak in history.
May 13, 2014    Lifeboat Foundation launches our YouTube channel.
April 3, 2014    Peer Reviewed & Approved for Science by the Washington Academy of Sciences.
December 23, 2013    Edward Snowden named Lifeboat Foundation 2013 Guardian Award winner.
November 22, 2013    World’s first bitcoin endowment fund passes half a million dollars.
November 14, 2013    Lifeboat Foundation has been invited to speak at the Dupont Summit.
October 14, 2013    Lifeboat Foundation is expanding its New Money Systems Board.
September 21, 2013    World’s first bitcoin endowment fund nears one hundred thousand dollars.
September 2, 2013    Frederik Pohl passes away.
August 29, 2013    NASA selects Lifeboat Foundation proposal.
August 29, 2013    Lifeboat Foundation is Media Partner of the RE.WORK Technology Summit.
July 20, 2013    Lifeboat Foundation responds to NASA Request for Information.
June 15, 2013    The Lifeboat Foundation announced the winners of the “Lifeboat to the Stars” award.
May 14, 2013    Lifeboat Foundation publishes its first book.
March 20, 2013    Lifeboat Foundation enters 21st century.
December 13, 2012    Jaan Tallinn named Lifeboat Foundation 2012 Guardian Award winner.
October 23, 2012    The Lifeboat Foundation will present the “Lifeboat to the Stars” award along with $1,000 to the winner at the 2013 Campbell Conference where the topic of the conference will be interstellar travel.
December 27, 2011    Richard Branson named Lifeboat Foundation 2011 Guardian Award winner.
November 27, 2011    Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board reaches 1,600 members.
August 27, 2011    Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board reaches 1,500 members.
November 21, 2010    Russell “Rusty” Schweickart named Lifeboat Foundation 2010 Guardian Award winner.
April 19, 2010    Lifeboat Foundation is Media Sponsor of 2010 Humanity+ Summit.
December 15, 2009    Peter de Jager named Lifeboat Foundation 2009 Guardian Award winner.
February 2, 2009    The Singularity University is launched!
January 16, 2009    The Lifeboat Foundation announces a triple partnership including the Lifeboat Foundation, Nanotech-Now, and The American Journal of Bioethics.
January 1, 2009    Stephen Hawking named Lifeboat Foundation 2008 Guardian Award winner.
December 29, 2008    The Lifeboat Foundation and its donors are sponsoring Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka into Zero G.
October 6, 2008    Lifeboat Foundation Supports its First Conference.
January 10, 2008    Lifeboat Foundation SAB Reaches 500 Members.
January 7, 2008    Launch of NanoShield Fund.
November 8, 2007    Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit moves our donor list into the triple digits.
October 28, 2007    Nobel Laureate Eric S. Maskin joins Lifeboat Foundation SAB.
October 27, 2007    James Martin named Lifeboat Foundation 2007 Guardian Award winner.