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Jun 27, 2022

Al Karaki, CEO of 4iAfrica, joins our Futurists Board.

Jun 13, 2022

Read issue #239 of Lifeboat News!

Jun 10, 2022

In celebration of Pride Month, Inara Tabir, one of our board members, is fundraising to pay for her transition surgery. We donated.
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Jun 9, 2022

Read Special Report Building Musk’s path to Mars by our John Strickland.
To the public, the media and even some of the space community, the last year for SpaceX has not seemed to be progressing that fast. However, right before our eyes, what Musk calls “stage zero”, the complex launch tower and associated platform and tank farm, was being designed and built and is now almost ready to support launches. Steady progress has been made in the production of and design improvements to the two main space vehicles, the Starship stage and the Super Heavy booster. The capacity to build more vehicles at Boca Chica is shortly to be four times larger, as a much larger high bay building nears completion.

Jun 7, 2022

Read issue #238 of Lifeboat News!

Jun 4, 2022

Jeff Smith, Project Manager at Ball Aerospace, joins our Space Settlement Board.

Jun 3, 2022

Sarita Sharma, Editor-in-Chief of TAFFD’s Magazine of the Future, joins our Futurists Board.

May 29, 2022

Read Special Report The SLS: too expensive for exploration? by our John Strickland.
Many members of the space community have spoken out strongly against NASA’s plans to develop the Space Launch System (SLS), disparagingly called the “Senate Launch System” by some and the “Franken-Rocket” by others. It should be noted for fairness that, to a large degree, this wrong design has been forced on NASA by a Congress bent on keeping current space jobs in their current locations.

May 25, 2022

Read issue #237 of Lifeboat News!

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Upcoming Events

AGI-22 will be held August 19–22 in Seattle, Washington, USA and online.
Our Antonio Chella, Ben Goertzel, Marcus Hutter, Matthew Iklé, Anton Kolonin, Xiang Li, John Licato, Alexey Potapov, Rafal Rzepka, Ricardo Sanz, Bas Steunebrink, Pei Wang, and Roman Yampolskiy will be speaking/participating.
The AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) conference series plays a significant role in the resurgence of research on artificial intelligence in the deeper, original sense of the term of “artificial intelligence”. The conference encourages interdisciplinary research based on different understandings of intelligence, and exploring different approaches. As the AI field becomes increasingly commercialized and well accepted, maintaining and emphasizing a coherent focus on the AGI goals at the heart of the field remains more critical than ever.

TAFFD’s Gen4IR Summit will be held August 16–17 in Sun City, South Africa.
Our José Luis Cordeiro, Aubrey de Grey, Edward Hudgins, Al Karaki, Pius Adewale Owolawi, Kgomotsego Brenda Ramokopelwa, Sarita Sharma, Rohit Talwar, and Natasha Vita-More will be speaking/participating. This summit is devoted to accelerating our Singularity future for development in Africa.

RAADfest will be held October 6–9 in San Diego, California. This is the world’s largest event focused on anti-aging and age reversal science for a general audience.
Our Bill Andrews, José Cordeiro, Greg Fahy, William Faloon, Ben Goertzel, Jean Hébert, Naveen Jain, Sandra Kaufmann, Phil Newman, Liz Parrish, Steve Perry, and Michael R. Rose will be speaking.

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