International Spokesperson

Philippe Van Nedervelde, our new International Spokesperson, is ready, able, and willing to work at his position up to full-time. He’s an effective and charismatically persuasive communicator in all media forms and, thanks to an innate talent for languages, can do so fluently in five modern languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch… with Russian coming along well as the sixth since he is married to a beautiful Russian lady.
He would fly the Lifeboat Foundation flag around the world, addressing audiences of greatly varying types through all kinds of media including live multimedia presentations, TV, radio, print-media, the web, etc. This could be combined with a role in fundraising and the recruitment of top-level advisers and members.
This is similar in many ways to what he has been doing for the Foresight Nanotech Institute in Europe, except that in the case of the Lifeboat Foundation, he would like to do such globally, as in planet-wide.
We are fundraising to cover his time and expenses. Help us get our International Spokesperson going! (We would love some matching donations for this project!) Read his proposed presentation title and abstract!