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Eddie Avil

Eddie Avil is the CEO of VR Storytellers, the Founder and Director at Immerge Knowledge Labs and Immersion Film Festival, and Founder of XROM Digital News Magazine and Change Transform India.

In 2020, Eddie founded Change Transform India, a new platform and a community for disrupters, innovators, entrepreneurs, policy change-makers, and impact investors working on building for tomorrow. He also began the podcast CHANGE I M Possible.

With this podcast, he engaged in conversations on the future of humanity with leaders from India and around the globe, discussing disruptive technologies including Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, Extended Reality, Synthetic Biology, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, 3D Printing, and Quantum Computing.

The exponential growth of technologies will redefine mankind. Age Reversal, Transhumanism, Exoskeleton, Brain-Computer Interface, and Colonizing Mars do not sound Sci-Fi anymore. The word IMPOSSIBLE stands to be Re-Interpreted as I M POSSIBLE.

Eddie has been the Partner and Owner at Sounds Good Studios since 2010. This is a state of the art audio and video recording studio in Mumbai. In 2014, they received the Excellence in Production Award at Mirchi Kaan Awards 2014. Among others, his notable projects are the feature films Ishq Actually, Sixteen, and Sunshine Music Tours and Travels.

As well, since 2015, he has been Partner at Every Dog Has Its Day Films, telling original and compelling stories. This production house is based in Mumbai, India, specializing in TV Commercials, Music Videos, Audio Visuals, and Feature Films.

Eddie is highly interested in the exponential growth of technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality. As well, he also focuses on Quantum Physics and questions on the nature of reality.

Eddie and his team at VR Storytellers — An Immersive Experimental Content Studio that builds AR/VR Experiences for Enterprise as well as consumers — are behind CRACKLE, India’s 1st Stereoscopic Cinematic award winning VR Experience.

His goal at XROM is to gather investors, entrepreneurs, technologists, policy-makers, and consumers to collectively shape AR, VR, and the MR Industry. XROM is an XR Media Company with a 10 year vision to build India’s AR/VR/MR Industry. Their podcast is India’s 1st podcast on this field, and their XRBAZAAR is a dedicated e-commerce platform for all things related to augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.

Eddie’s goal of opening up and spreading awareness of VR/AR technologies includes conferences. In that regard, in 2018, he founded and now directs India’s 1st International Virtual Reality Film Festival and Conference IMMERSION. Their first conference saw over 600 guests in attendance and featured 40+ Speakers and experts from India and around the world. They are being called the Flagship IP for XR in India.

Sharing his know-how, Eddie has been a guest Lecturer at the SAE Institute for a year in 2010, and at Don Bosco College Department of Mass Media, since 2014.

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Visit his LinkedIn profile, Review Monk profile, Indian Film History profile, and Immersive Directory profile. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.