Advisory Board

Katsiaryna (Mekhanik) Archangorodskaja

Katsiaryna (Mekhanik) Archangorodskaja is President of HawkMatrix and Executive Advisor at Apphera.
HawkMatrix engages in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning-powered cybersecurity and investigations, social media exposure prevention, chatbots, corporate training, advanced data security and compliance, family and child protection and information security, social engineering and phishing detection, and real-time cybercrime prediction and prevention
Apphera is a powerful and comprehensive platform focused on discovering and organizing the social media chatter that matters in real-time, turning it into targeted actions that enable you to build and manage engaging and long-lasting customer relationships.
Katerina is a technical innovator, visionary, entrepreneur and consultant in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing, deep learning, big data, business architecture and cybersecurity. Experienced in micro and macro IT management (project-program-portfolio-enterprise), business analysis and software quality assurance. She is an innovator in the domains of advanced cognitive computing, emotion quantification, behavior management, social media target segmentation, and enterprise automation.
Katerina earned her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at European Humanities University (EHU) in 2012.
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