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Anne Skare Nielsen, M.A.

Anne Skare Nielsen, M.A. is a Danish futurist, lecturer, author, and Chief Futurist and Partner at Future Navigator. She is one of Scandinavia’s leading futurists, spreading hope and enlightenment through keynotes, writings, radio shows, and TV programs.

Anne works with both small, local, and large multi-national organizations and is frequently active in the media, including the popular radio show “The Philosopher, The Writer and The Futurist.” Additionally, she has had her own science program on national television.

In 2003, Anne and Liselotte Lyngsoe founded Future Navigator in which they help companies and individuals predict and make the best of the future. Together with Liselotte, she is the author of the Danish book The Future Navigator – Don’t be a bore – Explore: Create a future where success is not more but better (En linedans fra ide til succes). Anne acted as news anchor at "NewScience" at TV 2 News, a Danish TV channel, during 2015–2016. She is a board member of The Organic Company and Spinderihallerne. Anne used to work at Fahrenheit 212 and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Furthermore, she is part of the advisory board at Danish Rugby Union and TEDx Øresund.

Anne works with radical change and transformation of mindset. She is in high demand as a lecturer and provocateur all over the world, but her heart lies with the people who “can & will”: those who are passionate about what they do, and believe that dedicated work will make all the difference. Anne is partner at Future Navigator where the vision is to win the Nobel Peace Prize by transforming journalism, politics, and education.

Anne earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and her Master’s Degree in Political Science from University of Copenhagen. She is an alumni from Wharton Business School and Columbia Business School, and has a penchant for science fiction movies, deep conversations with visionary leaders, and champagne.

She is the mother of 4 wild boys and married to the love of her life. Anne was born in Vejle, Denmark in 1971 and today they live in Dragør, Denmark.

Anne’s current favorite quote is: “Smart has plans, stupid has stories”.

Anne is both a tornado that can lift you up and expand and broaden your horizon, as well as the calm eye of the storm, that brings focus and peace of mind, and nurtures the ability to zoom in on your preferred future.

Her specialties: Radical transformation, brain hacking, meaning and value creation, ethics, visionary leadership, online training, interactive scenario work, and future-based ideas development.

Check out her Seminar How to Navigate the Future.

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